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About Ken's Kebabs and Speedy Pizza

At Ken's Kebabs and Speedy Pizza we offer creative Burgers & Chicken, Halal, Kebab, Pizza dishes delivered right to your door. We offer a richly-varied menu of high quality ingredients, wholesome sauces and and house spices. Customers will appreciate the quick delivery and the very well made food. We think you’ll find the whole experience altogether different.

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327 Milton Road
Cowplain, PO88LH

Favourite Dishes






minced lamb seasoned and cooked on an upright spit


Ken's Kebabs and Speedy Pizza Customer Reviews

250 reviews


  • good food x


  • Good food quick service


  • Ok


  • Food was a joke, abit of bread with no sauce no salad, just very dry falafel and even drier hummus, left it for the bin


  • Food was very poor, would not use again


  • Mistake made over the phone. Quickly resolved.


  • +1h delayed, cold food, no seasoning, bad quality in general. Very disappointing... Do not order if you have to be somewhere in time...


  • Took 2 hours, shop is a few streets away family deal really small donor kebabs looks like burger meat chips really cold not value for money will not use again


  • Chicken was dry and chewy and kids meal didn't have toy Man was rude when I phoned up - ' we don't do toys anymore'


  • Ordered a plain kebab. It come with salad and mayo. Also a cheese burger with mushrooms. It came with neither


  • fantastic service, man was very polite :)


  • wrong order


  • wrong pizza and one waffle was missing


  • Always get the ice cream wrong. Could atleast ring to ask for change.


  • After having to wait two hours for my order a good half hour past the supposed latest delivery time it turned up with my prawn cocktail in the same bag as the hot food with half the contents tipped out into the bottom of the bag, the whole prawn cocktail went straight in the bin for fear of food poisoning anyone with half a brain knows to keep cold seafood away from hot food so that was a waste of the £2.99, the garlic mushrooms although moist and juicy were obviously missing the key ingredients of GARLIC and the egg in my egg and mushrooms burger was hard and rubbery........ Safe to say we will never be ordering from kens kebab and speedy pizza again and would never recommend to others. Also maybe they should remove the SPEEDY part from the restaurant name as it's obviously false advertisement......